The Power Of Walking [Rotterdam Parents]

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The weather sucks, real bad. Hard blows of icy wind, micro-raindrops cut like shards of melting glass, sideways, straight into my neck and it gets dark so fast. In a perfect world, all I would want to do when such deep wet autumn sets in, is hide under a blanket and read, sleep, drink steaming cups of mulled wine. But then again, I used to have a life where this kind of schedule was possible and I have done it more than once. Yes, when I was single and working from home, whenever the right kind of helplessness would set in, I could ride a steady wave of pajamas, cigarettes and eating things straight out of their boxes for a whole week at a stretch. Now that I’ve become a responsible adult who cannot even sit for 5 minutes without being harassed by a member of her family, I fantasize about those lost weeks full of nothing. But the truth is, those times were not good. Not good at all, in fact, and I’ve learned it the hard way. Another thing I have learned is that, if I don’t Continue reading

We Walk Now

It’s a paradox perhaps, but one of the most important motions of my Stay At Home Mom’s life routine is, actually, that of going OUT of the home at least once a day. All through my first year and a half of motherhood, The Daily Walk has been my anchor to sanity and it had to rain fucking stones (or ninja stars) for me to agree, very rarely, on skipping it.

Going out with a baby is a bitch. It’s one of those slow, lonely processes, dotted with foul-smelling obstacles in the shape of last-minute dirty diapers, and the necessity to wear something else than your pajama (although, as you can easily imagine since the birth of my son I’ve been out in my pajamas more often than I got laid).

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The Guerilla Guide To Standing Up

Hey you, reader of my Mama’s blog! [or whatever it is she does at her desk after my bedtime] You must be one of those adult people, right? One of those parent people, who have children, little babies maybe even, and… find it hard? whine about it? are very tired all the time? need alcoholic drinks to unwind in the evenings while picking up legos or scratching off sweet potato remains from the high-chair and everywhere around it?

You probably think that being a little baby is easy, fun, jolly, but let me tell you something: it’s NOT. It’s very freaking* far from easy. It’s confusing, overwhelming and frustrating for a vast number of reasons, but let’s focus on just one of them today: MOVEMENT.

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