Long Time No Sea

It’s strange. Whenever I return from any trip lasting longer than a few days, my home shifts. I walk in, tired after being shaken by one plane, two buses and a train, I drag the backpack, cabin trolley and duty free purchases across my threshold and… the ceiling feels somewhat higher. The living room smells different, the plants are a bit wilder, and I find myself being a bit scared of what I’ll see under the toilet’s lid. In the fridge there is a bunch of lemons cuddled in a fluff of absinthe-colored mold. It’s almost as if my home wants to warn me that time passes even when I’m not around and that things can happen in the emptiness. And the time I did not spend in these four walls, these two weeks I’ve been away, I didn’t freeze-frame them, they are gone. I chose to be elsewhere, the loss is mine.

BB On Tour 1.1

At the beginning of the Seventies my parents bought a villa by the sea on the Italian island of Sardinia. It was one of those low white buildings you see on Mediterranean postcards, with a flat roof which served as a terrace, enclosed in a cocoon of raving bougainvillea. For the entirety of our childhood, every single summer, my mother and the three of us moved to that house from the early days of June till about a week into September. It was a raw paradise of rocks and secret beaches, everything was Continue reading

Parenting Life Lesson #3


*  IT’S A PHASE  *

[Exhibit A: when our son was old enough to control his jittery hands, he started sucking his thumb. As we heard many negative opinions about thumb-sucking and the affect it has on children’s mouths, we soon started worrying. What if he screws up his teeth and palate? What if he does it until he’s 15? How will we get him to stop – we can’t cut his thumb off?! Continue reading

Happy Birthday To Me



One week ago today my Little Man accomplished the first full year of his breathtaking little life. There have been balloons and window festoons, cakes candles and bubbly wines. The event has been celebrated thoroughly. Mama even played “Happy B*Day” on her bass to accompany the choir of teary aunts and proud grandpas: everything has been lovely and emotional like no other occasion I can think of.

But they say that when a Child is born so is a Mother, and therefore one week ago today the disheveled New Mom that I have become accomplished the first full year of her breathtaking and somewhat erratic little life, too.

Continue reading

Parenting Life Lesson #2



[If you think the term “baby” doesn’t fit you because you are all grown-up already, you may want to call it “Task Micro-Fragmentation” and if you think it’s easy, you’re probably wrong. Going slow, accomplishing one small increment at a time is very difficult because you will think it’s not enough and you will want to do more, faster, sooner – which will most likely get you stuck before it gets you anywhere else. Continue reading

Parenting Life Lesson #1



[cause if you keep them in the drawer with the intention of preserving them from stains of excrement or vomit, waiting for that special occasion to wear and show them off, here’s the hard truth: when that special occasion will finally show up, they will have become way too small to be ever worn at all. Continue reading