Baby Wearing Meets Baby Wheels [Rotterdam Parents]

photo of me wearing my sleeping son

A long long long long time ago, way before I even though I could ever get pregnant, I had very clear opinions about parenting. Not only about the important, metaphysical, aspects of it – my rock-steady knowledge concerned also many details of the nitty-gritty everyday of having kids. For example I knew exactly, if I were ever to have a child, that I would NOT follow the masses and push my precious offspring around in a stroller or pram or anything that clogs sidewalks and supermarket aisles making everyone behind me roll their eyes. That’s because, many dozens of months ago, one of my friend’s friend had a baby and she came to meet us wearing her newborn in a wrap, nice and warm under her winter coat. When I saw her, I immediately thought: That’s it! This is the right way to carry babies! Continue reading

7 months, 2 weeks, 4 days

My beloved Little V,

today has not been easy, I know. A day when nothing tastes right, because anything you put in your mouth simply hurts. Hell, it hurts even if you don’t put anything in there. No wonder: three of them, all at once! And you’ve been taking it with your chin up, with that tough baby pride which is so you. Three swollen buds on the upper gum and you can see the white through the skin already. You didn’t cry much, but you’ve been cross, restless, desperate for a hug all day long. It just hurts, and only Mama’s breast feels right, Mama’s chest, neck, being in her arms, nowhere else is good. Not even the Cold Fish was of any use to relieve you a bit. Growing up is so tough, I know.

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