Today is an extraordinary day. Right when I was thinking only 4 people read this blog, out of the blue I found out I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!



I have to thank No Such Fairytale for having noticed and nominated me. If you will be looking for her, you’ll find her on Twitter @nosuchfairytale .

For those of you who do not know what receiving a Liebster Award means, I’ll explain:

The person who nominates you asks you 11 questions – you answer them – then you nominate another 11 young Bloggers – you ask them your own 11 questions – you notify them of the nomination.

And the Award flows on.

I am particularly fond of being a nominee for two reasons. First: I LOVE answering questions. I find it quite kinky actually, like a cerebral version of ping-pong, a total turn-on. Second: I have a thing for number 11.

So with no further delay, here we go!


*What’s your drink? What would you order at a bar if there were no repercussions – financial, health, or otherwise?

Normally, I would answer Champagne. Pink Champagne to be precise. But right now? 11 months into motherhood? I have no time for that fancy stuff, Champagne is not fast enough. So my answer is: TEQUILA!

*What is your dream vacation?

I have multiple and disparate destinations waiting on my Dream Vacation list, some very exotic. Still, if I were to choose only one, it would be a month in New York City. But with a babysitter and a very thick wallet.

*Tell me about your best day.

My best day is in the future, four years or so from now. It’s a Friday, I wake up rested and energized. While B, my non-husband, gets V, our son, dressed and fed I take a long shower and pick a nice outfit for myself which does not consist of sweatpants and a pumpkin-stained t-shirt I found on the floor. After I drop off our son at school, I head to my studio: a cute and inspiring little place I rent downtown where I keep my desk and where I am currently working on my new novel. When I arrive I make myself a fabulous and enormous cup of coffee, I sit with it at my notebooks and get down to writing. My agent and publisher and PR person try to reach me via phone and email but I ignore them: writing is more important. The only text message I answer is from my masseur who confirms our lunch-time appointment. After the massage I pick up a sandwich and head back to my studio, eat it while calling back my agent and publisher. Next, I have a silky double espresso while swimming through another couple of hours of writing. When I’m done and I pick V up from school we go home, where we spend a few hours of quality time playing, reading together, talking while Papa (who loves cooking) is in the kitchen preparing dinner. My friend Alexia and her husband are our guests tonight and soon after they arrive V goes to brush his teeth and puts himself to bed, where he falls asleep (and *stays* asleep) while we have a great dinner talking about our projects and creative endeavors. You see, by now Alexia is running a small children’s books empire: she writes, illustrates and publishes world-famous stories and sometimes we collaborate on a project or three. Once our delicious dinner is over and our guests have left, B and I sit on the carpet in our living room and cuddle, finishing the bottle of pink Champagne we opened with dessert, and maybe we even pull out the occasional “special” cigarette we share by the open window and chill, relax, have some sexy time and then live happily ever after *curtains close*.

*What was your first car?

A FIAT Panda 1000Fire, white. Nicknamed “Papamobile”. I drove it for 12 years. I LOVED that car.

*Where did you fit in high school?

In the bathrooms, during recess, smoking cigarettes with the other combat-boots-wearing bad girls.

*Are you a texter or a caller?

Texter: I am a control freak.

*Everyone is a work in progress. What thing would you change about yourself if you could snap your fingers and make it happen?

I would make myself become capable of FINISHING things. I am absolutely great at starting new ideas, activities, opening boxes, seeing new possibilities. But somehow I am completely unable of getting anything DONE. I cannot live through two hours of my time without stumbling on at least a few unfinished somethings lying around in my system. It’s unnerving, it’s haunting.

*When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a doctor. A pediatrician, to be precise.

*Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?

A writer.

*What time do you go to bed at night?

At one.

*What is your worst habit?

I procrastinate. Always, on everything, it really is beyond of my control.



* Sex, Drugs or Rock’N’Roll? Choose one.

* If you could undo one thing you have done in your past, what would it be?

* Piercing or Tattoo, and where?

* What was the best year of your whole life and why?

* Fast forward five years: where are you and what are you doing?

* Hair on men’s chests, yay or nay?

* If you were to choose one book that you consider your darling, which one would it be?

* Do you enjoy hiding in wardrobes, especially in the tall part, where the coats hang?

* Describe briefly your biggest cooking fuckup.

* If you could be a movie character and live their life as it is in the movie, which one would it be?

* What is the thing you love best about your life as it is?



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* * * * *

Receiving this award has been plenty of fun to me and I love fun. If you love it too I think you should go check out my Facebook page and Like! it – there is plenty of fun stuff going on there too. If for any reason you have been blocked out of FB, you can still find me on Twitter or, if you are more the visual kind, Instagram.

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