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If you like these tales of mine and would like to read more of them, you’ll be happy to know I also wrote:

A guest post I’m extremely proud of for one of my favorite blogs – O Mighty Crisis – in which I answer five questions about my life as a person halfway through my fourth decade.

A short and sweet list where I lay out my foolproof method to determine if your blog is successful (when success is not a number) which appeared on Beyond Your Blog – a website rich in essential resources for anyone writing online.

A story about how Papa Blues and I decided to celebrate our second romantic anniversary by going to an erotic expo (and were surprised to end up disappointed) – which appeared on BLUNTmoms.

An open letter to all those suckers making noises on the street while I walk around with my little man in his stroller trying to have him finally nap – published on Sammiches and Psych Meds.

Additionally, I’m a regular contributor at Rotterdam Parents – a website dedicated to foreign families living in the Rotterdam area. Here you will find, among other, the story of what I did on the first day I took a break from being a Mom, the tale of how my son was born and why was it a rebel act, and my thoughts on whether you should wear your baby in a carrier or push him around on wheels. To see a full list of my contributions, stories, and recipes check out my author page.


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Also, some of the posts originally written for this blog appeared on other sites. For example, you can find:

Jeans’ Blues on Sammiches And Psych Meds

Camera Obscura on Role Reboot

Happy Birthday To Me on Bonbon Break

I Sleep With Two Men on Elephant Journal


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Additionally, there is a great amount of Baby Blues Bonus Material to be found on social media channels such as Facebook which, in a way, is my virtual living room: I sit there all day and talk with anyone who wants to listen about things that interest me or piss me off or make me laugh. If you want to interact with me that’s the best place to do it. But you can also find me on Instagram, where I post many photos you will not find anywhere else, and on Twitter under @mamablues11.

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