Who Am I?


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Hi, I’m Marta.

I’m a writer by calling, filmmaker by choice and mama by absolute surprise who still thinks she has a shot at becoming a rock star, one day. Whenever I can, I blast some racing drums and wicked baselines through my ears and picture myself in leather pants and stunning dark makeup, slapping the shit out of my bass’ strings on a stage flooded by purple strobe lights. In reality though, I am probably in my living room, picking my son’s books from the floor for the third time today while my guitar serves as a cobweb stand in a dim corner, behind the plant.

Three zillion years ago, in my pre-motherhood life as a shiny young bohemian, I was essentially nomadic. Due to my geographic commitment issues I constantly switched countries of residence across Europe, sometimes changing even continents. For the better part of those years I’ve been mainly preoccupied with matters of cinema, sex, art and the smoking of pot. For over 12 years I’ve been drifting around, looking for myself, trying to make a movie, trying to write a book, trying to come up with a script which would have me receive a Golden Palm.

I didn’t manage any of the above (yet).

What I DID manage, though accidentally, was to have actual love enter my life. First it was for a man, then for a man and a child. I stopped wiggling about, I started settling instead, building a nest and a family.

Baby Blues And Rock’N’Roll is an attempt to make sense of the life-sized upheaval the birth of my son has brought in the fiber of who I (thought) I was. I want to take you along on this roller-coaster ride because it’s great to scream your head off while in good company.

This is a place for rebel thoughts, rogue crests and people who are courageous enough to think with their own heads and follow their hearts. The stories you will find here will always be authentic, funny-caustic and provoking and will leave you with a bittersweet aftertaste in your mind to fertilize your thinking with.

This is a mindstyle blog about growing up. For adults.

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Hope to see you around.

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