The Fall


Now that he started trotting more than walking, on his way to figuring out how to run, accidents happen increasingly often. His eyes go faster than his feet and life is simply too short to waste any time on lifting your soles a bit higher. So after he fell on the same knee for three times in a row and was shocked at the Continue reading

I Took A Bath

A few days ago I read a mighty entertaining story written by Jill from The Jillist for Mamalode about how NOT to take a bath. It made me laugh and slap my forehead in so many ways, but it also made me realize one very important thing.

See, I didn’t always love baths. For most of my young years I’ve actually been a shower person. Many aspects of the whole bath-taking process used to irritate me way more than relax, like having to wait forever for the tub to fill up, or almost always ending up with a full bath of water which was just a bit too hot, or too cold. Once I consumed the time-frame of three showers to just get the thing ready, I would finally submerge myself only to jump the heck out of there after seven minutes because I’m hot, sweating, and from the way my veins pulsate on my temples I’m afraid I could be on the verge of a heatstroke.

Also, what the fuck am I gonna do sort of floating in soapy water for longer than that? Read a book? No, because what if it falls in the water. Scroll through my social media? Even more no, I’ve got too many pictures not yet posted on Instagram to risk having my phone take a bath with me. Reenacting Breaking Bad episodes with my toy duck?


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One Kinky Night Out at the Sexpo [BLUNTmoms]

Once upon a time, three godzillion years ago, I was not yet a Mom. No, I was a smooth and juicy young gal who liked her sexy time very VERY much. Especially when it was with the man who later became Papa Blues. Indeed, from the very beginning of our lust affair, we both agreed that when it comes to bedroom acrobatics, we don’t necessarily like vanilla all the time, we are into variety and experiments, and we are not at all afraid of getting our freak on once in a while. Believe me, it was FUN.


But then, from all that FUN obviously, we accidentally became parents and stopped having sex completely (sort of). That’s why nowadays I often find myself revisiting the memories of those good times that were and recently traveled back to the night of our second anniversary. The night we decided to celebrate by going to a sexpo. I wrote this story down and was MINDBLOWN that the kick-ass BLUNTmoms found it worthy of being published on their site. Here is a little excerpt (consider it foreplay): Continue reading