Parenting Life Lesson #3


*  IT’S A PHASE  *

[Exhibit A: when our son was old enough to control his jittery hands, he started sucking his thumb. As we heard many negative opinions about thumb-sucking and the affect it has on children’s mouths, we soon started worrying. What if he screws up his teeth and palate? What if he does it until he’s 15? How will we get him to stop – we can’t cut his thumb off?! Continue reading

Mother’s Day Aftermath

I didn’t get no breakfast in bed. No scrambled eggs with bacon or beans, no fresh baked carrot muffins, no almond milk latte, not even toast and jam. But also, I did not expect it. What I DID get though was to sleep in for one full hour and be awakened by the two smiling faces of my boys (I have two: one is 48 years older than the other), pushing a nicely wrapped box into my pillow and tugging at my eyelids.


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