The Guerilla Guide To Standing Up

Hey you, reader of my Mama’s blog! [or whatever it is she does at her desk after my bedtime] You must be one of those adult people, right? One of those parent people, who have children, little babies maybe even, and… find it hard? whine about it? are very tired all the time? need alcoholic drinks to unwind in the evenings while picking up legos or scratching off sweet potato remains from the high-chair and everywhere around it?

You probably think that being a little baby is easy, fun, jolly, but let me tell you something: it’s NOT. It’s very freaking* far from easy. It’s confusing, overwhelming and frustrating for a vast number of reasons, but let’s focus on just one of them today: MOVEMENT.

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Mama Promises

Recently, I told you the story of how I was completely NOT into co-sleeping before my child was born, and how this opinion changed radically once confronted with the reality of things. Yeah, one big lesson in humbleness and flexibility right there.

So when it comes to co-sleeping, we know already how it ended. But there are quite a few other parenting matters that I feel strongly about, mistakes that I do NOT want to stain myself with as a mother and I think it could be interesting to see how these work out in the future, when confronted with the reality of things.


* NO SUGAR! *  Call me a maniac, but I do silently believe that refined sugar is poison. And by that I mean a downright toxic substance, an addictive drug with no nutritional values whatsoever. Does this mean that I don’t do sugar? Yeah, this means that Continue reading