Parenting Life Lesson #1



[cause if you keep them in the drawer with the intention of preserving them from stains of excrement or vomit, waiting for that special occasion to wear and show them off, here’s the hard truth: when that special occasion will finally show up, they will have become way too small to be ever worn at all. Continue reading

A Day In A Life That Was

Today is Thursday and I would like to do my first contribution to the #ThrowbackThursday theme by posting something I wrote in the past, that talks of my past, and looks like the past too.

But first, a few words of introduction.

Back in 2010 I lived in Amsterdam for a year. I was young, beautiful and (care)free and my life looked *completely* different than what it is now. Sometime later I started writing a blog the main character of which was my alter ego: Betty Too. I was having a great time with that blog, but a little over a year ago, when I found myself holding a positive pregnancy test, everything sort of came undone in my head and Betty was one of those casualties.

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I Sleep With Two Men

Back in the days when I was young and free I happened to be also sexually exuberant. At least, in my thoughts I was. One of the juiciest fantasies I liked to indulge in was that of going to bed with two men. First it was a fantasy, then it became an itch, then I actually made a pact with myself that, as soon as a decent occasion would show up, I’d put aside any little-girl hesitation and dig out the cojones to actually go for it. I did not exactly want to  put an ad on the local newspaper or stand at the entrance of the department store handing out fliers, no. But assume that there were a party and that I were tipsy enough, assume that I’d be having a nice and sexy conversation with this one guy who also happened to be there with his best friend and assume that, when the evening would start winding down, one of them would offer: Why don’t we escort you home and maybe have a night cap… or two? Well, in that case I would have known exactly how to respond. And so with renewed confidence in my potential for naughty and at peace with my desires, I sat back and waited for this extraordinary combination of circumstances to come my way.

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